Greetings Yogis, Welcome to our Gaia Flow Yoga (GFY) family!  Thank you for choosing GFY to begin your yogic journey of health, serenity and fitness.It is our mission, and conscious intention, at GFY to provide you with the highest quality yoga instruction from experienced, well trained,  Yoga Alliance  (YA) certified , GFY teachers. 

Our beautiful new studio with its calming waterfall at the entrance, soothing light glowing through the windows and the peaceful energy of our friendly yogic family inspires relaxation and the unraveling of worries in a sacred space, while offering a complete schedule of multi-leveled classes that strengthen the body, mind and spirit. 

Gaia Flow Yoga is rooted in ancient tradition, but is unique in its modern day transformational journey on the path to a more joyous life-both on and off the yoga mat.  For Beginners, GFY offers a thorough and comprehensive 5-Week Beginner Series. Though it is not required, we do recommend students new to yoga start with a five-week series as it covers many of the yoga fundamentals, including basic postures, breathing awareness, yoga philosophy and meditation.

All the classes at GFY (including our beginners’ series), are multi-leveled, encouraging the opportunity to honor the body, mind and spirit while promoting growth and transformation through powerful group energy.  Beginner’s classes are tailored towards those who have never done yoga, but are open to everyone—the experienced yogi taking a gentle practice and those who are still reaching for their toes! The beginner series is excellent preparation for our overlapping comprehensive GFY series (Ocean, Mountain, and Desert) which is the core of the GFY practice.  

Chrystal and Andres, along with the entire GFY family, look forward to serving you with much joy and anticipation as you take your first powerful and courageous steps in GFY conscious yogic journey of Peace, Power and Flow!!!

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