Naomi McCoy Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor2017-06-17T13:10:31+00:00

I began going to yoga classes since 2015. Like many, I started primarily to achieve the physical benefits, to achieve postures. But the more I classes I took, the more I learned about yoga, I realized how much more this practice has to offer. As I began to deepen my practice, I began to experience the miracle of mindfulness and the power of intention. I began to notice how much easier it was to manage stress, anxiety and depression, things that I had struggled with nearly my whole life. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully and with more compassion towards myself and others, to breathe through my days, to always find the light. My goal as a teacher is to teach my students correct form and alignment in postures while utilizing movement with breath to ensure a true moving meditation. I hope to transcend my love for yoga to my students, in hopes that that they too will experience the life changing joy and balance that this practice, this yogic way of life, has brought to me.


Naomi McCoy Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor